Michigan Football Tunnel fight

Immediately after the Michigan Wolverines beat Michigan State Spartans 29-7, the two teams locked up in the tunnel had a brutal fight. In the footage below, you can see at least 10 Spartans jumping and beating up on Burrows.

Photo Credit: Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Its unclear exactly what sparked up between the two teams but its very clear many Spartans are against one Wolverine. Michigan Football Tunnel fight is an outrage of rivalry which has turned to police intervention. 

Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh said that Two of our teams’ players were assaulted  and  he too has seen the video in which 10-on-1 attacked very badly. Right now, investigation is going on into the real reason for such an assault. What would have happened exactly between Michigan Wolverines Vs Michigan State Spartans post match? What do you think the reason is? Comment your thoughts.

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